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 Bob and Muriel Davison bought the property (then a 200 acre dairy farm) in 1966. Initially there was very little garden and the first priority was reducing the size of the mortgages they were lumbered with. However Muriel had a keen interest in plants and the temptation of 'movable fences' was frequently too great to withstand. They could only afford one spade in the early years and it was a running joke that its handle was kept constantly warm between digging fence post holes on the farm and gardening.

 Development of the garden accelerated in the early 1970s with the sale of the dairy herd (to be replaced by a flock of coopworth sheep) and the creation of the nursery. The latter proving that the hobby could generate money as well as consume it!

 The name Maple Glen came about when we had to officially register the nursery. At the time there were over 30 varieties of Japanese Maples (Acer sp.) on the property and the garden was being developed in a curving valley with a water source in the bottom. Such a landform is called a Glen in Bobs native Ireland. Since acquiring internet access we have discovered that there are several other Maple Glens in the world.

 The garden continues to be developed and extended. Recently the acquisition of a second hand hydraulic excavator has made it possible to revisit and redevelop a number of areas in older parts of the garden. This is always done with the intention of improving the views available and incorporates existing plantings whenever possible.

 A number of pictures of Maple Glen taken by Muriel Davison over the years as the garden has grown are available. Clicking on one of the thumbnails below will display a larger version of the image and a description of what is depicted.

Garden circa 1971
The garden in 1971
Garden circa 1974
The garden in 1974
Beginnings of the Rock Garden 1973
Rock Garden 1973
Rock Garden 1974
Rock Garden 1974
Far side 1978
Far side 1978
The Nursery 1980
A pond about 1980
House 1991
House from the air 1991

Garden now
View of the garden. Spring 2007

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